Friday, July 22, 2011

in the kitchen

I finally remembered why I hate cooking/baking, but still love it at the same time. The answer is simple.


Usually, I wait until I am hungry to make something, and I grow so impatient while I am cooking something, which is why I primarily stake to baking now, so at least I've eaten something to settle the rumbles in my stomach.

Last night was no different. We literally had nothing I wanted to eat, since I am trying to vow off eating buckets of grease. all our meat had been frozen, or was in the process of being made into something for another day, and we had fruit for smoothies as well as salad dressing.

But, one thing I do like is rice. Lots..and lots of rice. I'm not sure where I get it from, but I'm sure it has some influence from my dad's wife, my step-mom Lolita. So last night, while on my laptop at the kitchen table with my stomach growling away I was just sifting through possibilities of what to cook that will keep me filled. And, what other to make than stir fry?

It is healthy, so long as you don't drown the veggies in soy sauce, you can pt it with brown rice..and it makes for good photos. And photo opportunities are always nice! To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing while making this stir fry, but it turned out delicious.

Monday, July 18, 2011

haul of sorts over time + montreal (image heavy)

hello blog, it's been a while!

last time I stopped by was nine days ago roughly just before my departure to Montreal. Well, I am back and have access to WiFi again!

During my trip I had no access, except for my phone, but it crashed every few minutes. So, instead during the nights I stayed up to play on my Uncle's XBOX 360 and almost completed his Fallout 3 game! But, because I didn't, I never got to know the ending of the game, so of course, once I got back to Ontario I had to stop in at Futureshop to pick it up. But, I have to start all over now.

 I also purchased one of Etude House's BB Cream's after watching Martina's video on Since we have the same skin tone, I thought 'Hey, may as well give it a shot!', because just like her, I'm not into makeup, well, foundation, and this BB Cream seemed like the perfect suitor to my face -- and from my trial use, it is amazing! I didn't look like I was wearing anything, no cakey-ness, and it smelt nice, haha

We went to many places on my trip, but mainly stuck around Old Montreal and Chinatown. Shopping wise, I spent majority of my money on food. Gelato, maple candies, baked goods from the Chinese pastry shops and candy.

I only spent ...less than thirty dollars not on food I believe and got myself a cute contact case with Rilakkuma on top, as well as a poster of SHINee. Not sure where to place it just yet! The lady who sold it to me had the sweetest daughter, and they spoke English. I was so happy. I wish to go back to their shop and buy up all the posters and cute things and stationary. ahhh~!!

along with those, I made small purchases here and their from the beginning of June that I never posted. I am horrible with my money, but, it's the way I stick out my horrible job's night shifts to continue doing them.

as soon as B2ST's first album came out I had purchased it, I absolutely love the mini photobook/lyrics they have inside! Even my mother thinks their CDs are better than ours over here! And, that is saying something.

I also had recieved my black version of that star sweater that is like the one Junhyung wore in the Beautiful music video :) I still wish I could have found the original, even though spending less than forty dollars got me a knock off version that is quite identical.Another KPOP purchase was my Junhyung triangle stud earrings from You don't know how much I love this site. How much time they take to bubble wrap the tiniest, not likely to break item amazes me, and is why I continue to shop there. The package was huge, and inside, full of bubble wrap! It was amazing. Another thing: I need to quit purchasing books! I bought eight within two days, some from the thrift store, and a few from Chapters and have already read most of them.

That's about it for this entry, I don't want to bore those who may stumble across, so here are a few pictures from Montreal also :) sadly, none of Chinatown since it poured buckets while visiting.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Am The Best Contest + Montreal

Ahhh~ the contest is finally out for 2NE1's new song I Am The Best! Ever since I clicked the song, it has been on repeat constantly! 2NE1 is so refreshing!

As soon as the news for a contest came up about it and their first concert, I was keen on finding out what type. It turns out the contest is a dance cover contest where they select 21 winners to win various prizes. The top prize is flying to South Korea to see their concert. They provide accomodation and flight cost as well as the concert obviously. Other prizes include products from Addidas and autographed CDs and other goods the members themselves picked out!

I will be giving this contest a shot hopefully. I honestly don't know what I would do if I won though, aha. I would probably cry, even if it wasn't the top prize. 

After this upcoming week I am going to learn the rest of the dance that I haven't gotten down pat and then practice it hardcore then film. Ahh~

But, this week I cannot practice because tomorrow morning my mom and I are driving out to Montreal to go visit my uncle. I get to act as the tour guide, since she has never been there before!