Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and Resolutions

So far it has been a good start to 2012, even if it is only the third day in. I am hoping this year will be great just like the last! And with a new year there is always, always new resolutions. Last year I didn't stick to most of my resolutions, or they were too simple, you know the ones you make so you know you will achieve them. This year I need to try and stick with them even the ones I know I'll probably just shrug off!

So here's a little compilation of some resolutions, some stupid, others pretty mainstream hahaha.

1. Actually exercise, walking to and from school/work doesn't count! Bought a kinect for this, hoping the dance games will get me active!
2. Blog blog blog. I always push I aside, even though I enjoy it a lot. Sad really!
3. Read more. Self explanatory.
4. Procrastinate less. Because I know I won't top completely yet!
5. Don't buy stupid things. And by stupid...I mean stop buying so much food.
6. Travel somewhere with a friend!
7. Broaden my food horizons. Cooking things from other cultures and stuff.
8. Use my camera more.
9. Say 'yes' more,even if I may not want to!
10. Get a new job!
11. Get drivers license.
12. See B2ST in concert haha!

There are still some other things on the list, but this is the main portion. Hope everyone else has been having a nice start to the new year,