Thursday, March 31, 2011

OTL ; Boring week

It's not even the end of the week yet, and I am waiting for next week.

It could be due to the weather. Our weather here in Ontario keeps fluctuating, but I think it is starting to stabilize. And by that I mean, the snow is melting like it should. It's spring, no longer winter! Another reason could be because I've just been just wanting to curl up in a ball with a warm blanket and watch some movies..and I did exactly that. My friends had been bugging me to watch Tangled, saying it was so good, so I thought, 'Sure, why not, maybe it will be good.' I was expecting just your typical movie, but it was better than good. That movie was just so touching. It got to every emotion. I laughed, cried and wanted to slap some of the characters.Maybe it is just me being a hopeless Romantic, but the scene where they are in the boat and the orange and yellow lanterns float around tugged on a few heartstrings, aha.

As for the next few days before the week is over, let's just hope they go more smooth sailing. I am going to my dad's house this weekend, and it is kind of putting me in a dilemma. This weekend also happens to be our town's Maple Syrup Festival, or 'Sap Fest'. It's where many people from the city, or actually leave their country to come here for..syrup. It's insane. I am just glad I booked the weekend off, Sap Fest = unwanted stress at work = complaints from everyone = want to slap someone silly. Simple math is simple.

Also, this weekend I am hoping my dad remembers his promise to take me out to get the camera I've been wanting for a while now. As much as I love my little pink Fujifilm Finepix Z20, I want to upgrade to a Nikon D5000. I fell in love with it in store, playing with the controls, and reviews online only boosted my want in it. Yeah, I know well enough 'Getting it doesn't make me a photographer just because I have a beginner's DSLR', but, I never said I wanted to be a photographer. I want it for when I go on trips/take pictures of food. I want crisp and clear pictures that will give me good results. My current camera gives me excellent closeups and such, mainly on food, but everything else is just mediocre. So, I am hoping this upgrade will prove to be good! If I am able to go get it this weekend, I'll follow up with an unboxing and review of it. Well, as much as a review as a novice 'photographer' can give you :)

Here's hoping to a good rest of the week! Ending this post with a few songs stuck on replay :)

Bangkok City - Orange Caramel
You Know - 4Minute
Change - HyunA ft. Junhyung
Jumpstart - These Kids Wear Crowns

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sushi time

I was amazingly surprised at how easy sushi was to make!

My mom has been dying to make sushi for a long time since she gets cravings for it randomly. So, after I got home in the morning from my job and slept then woke up I helped her prepare for it. Lately she has been having an Asian cuisine craze, and I have to admit, I don't mind it! It beats having repeats and such, haha. The only awkward part of the whole making of was rolling it into cylinders. At first we used saran wrap to keep our mats clean..but in the end we removed it and all worked out, and was delicious too! ^O^

Here's a photo of the sushi! 

We kept it pretty simple and just used avocado, cucumber, green pepper and crab meat for the fillings since it was our first time. Hope to make more variations in the future!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello! *first post

Hello Blogspot! It's been a while.

Ahh, intro posts are so awkward! Haha! 

After much time and thought, well, more like missing blogspot a lot, I decided to make another blog. One for myself! Before, I used this primarily for English class last year, then wiped my account. But, I actually liked blogging - a lot! I do have a tumblr, but it doesn't feel much as I love it to death (please don't hit me!) So, why not make something more personal? Just a bunch of random non sense and what not hehe ^^

I would like to say hello everyone! My name is Taylor and this will be my personal blog to rant, rave, review and post photos, etc. :) I hope I don't bore you!