Sunday, March 27, 2011

sushi time

I was amazingly surprised at how easy sushi was to make!

My mom has been dying to make sushi for a long time since she gets cravings for it randomly. So, after I got home in the morning from my job and slept then woke up I helped her prepare for it. Lately she has been having an Asian cuisine craze, and I have to admit, I don't mind it! It beats having repeats and such, haha. The only awkward part of the whole making of was rolling it into cylinders. At first we used saran wrap to keep our mats clean..but in the end we removed it and all worked out, and was delicious too! ^O^

Here's a photo of the sushi! 

We kept it pretty simple and just used avocado, cucumber, green pepper and crab meat for the fillings since it was our first time. Hope to make more variations in the future!

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