Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and Resolutions

So far it has been a good start to 2012, even if it is only the third day in. I am hoping this year will be great just like the last! And with a new year there is always, always new resolutions. Last year I didn't stick to most of my resolutions, or they were too simple, you know the ones you make so you know you will achieve them. This year I need to try and stick with them even the ones I know I'll probably just shrug off!

So here's a little compilation of some resolutions, some stupid, others pretty mainstream hahaha.

1. Actually exercise, walking to and from school/work doesn't count! Bought a kinect for this, hoping the dance games will get me active!
2. Blog blog blog. I always push I aside, even though I enjoy it a lot. Sad really!
3. Read more. Self explanatory.
4. Procrastinate less. Because I know I won't top completely yet!
5. Don't buy stupid things. And by stupid...I mean stop buying so much food.
6. Travel somewhere with a friend!
7. Broaden my food horizons. Cooking things from other cultures and stuff.
8. Use my camera more.
9. Say 'yes' more,even if I may not want to!
10. Get a new job!
11. Get drivers license.
12. See B2ST in concert haha!

There are still some other things on the list, but this is the main portion. Hope everyone else has been having a nice start to the new year,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2: song that makes you happy

For happy songs, it's usually the one's with little lyrics to them, or house/electronica that uplift my mood and make me feel happy. recently Avicii's Levels is very uplifting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a mini rant

Lately on networking sites like facebook, I keep seeing the same damn thing happening. Multiple things actually, and it's probably the reason I try to keep my refreshed page on an app, rather than the feed, so I don't have to look at it. By pretending it's not there it is gone, just like throwing a blanket over a messy pile, it's still there. But you can't freaking see it..so it's all good!

One of the things are those melodramatic, depressing song lyrics people post in their statuses every five minutes. I get it. You are online now, and possibly sad, depressed or lonely. I get it, I really do. But, I don't need to see it every time I refresh the page. And when people comment on those types of status' knowing something is wrong with so-and-so who originally posted it, but the OP just says, 'oh it's nothing, don't worry about it' or 'pm me and I'll tell you' it just tells me you are an attention seeking person.

I know it may be hypocritical of me to bash this, when I myself post lyrics, but I don't do it every day, every minute on these god forsaken sites. And when I do post lyrics, it's usually just for my one friend to try and guess the song, or it has something to do with an 'inside joke'. A bit nerdy, but at least I'm not trying to be the center of attention with depressing lyrics that are all 'woe is me'. sure you may have broken up with your boyfriend, but really, really. Because I know the first thing I do after a break up is go post obvious lyrics in my status, trying to show the pain and suffering I am going through. Honestly, I'm pretty damn sure I'm not the only one who is mentally saying, 'get the fuck of facebook.' Go swallow a tub of ice cream instead. Just as bad, but at least you aren't making yourself to be a tool on facebook.

The same thing that goes for those TBH posts. 'Like for a tbh.' To be honest I don't think those posts are honest at all. All you are doing is trying to save face. It's an opportunity to get in good with people by being a two faced sycophant. From every single TBH I have seen on facebook, all I have ever seen were people being butt kissers. When in reality you could hate or envy that person, you're just trying to not look like the supreme bitch. Which is probably another reason why I don't post those. I mean, really. If someone I dislike likes the status, I'm not going to overwhelm them with compliments just to boost their egos. Maybe I'll say something I do like about them, but otherwise if I don't like you, your to be honest won't be that nice or as honest as you thought it was going to be.

Sorry for the rant, just want to get that out of the way.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Day song challenge

Found this neat challenge on Soulmate's blog, thought I should give it a go! Review coming soon for lenses and new bb cream as soon as I track down my camera charger!

day 01 - your favourite song
day 02 - a song that makes you happy
day 03 - a song that makes you sad
day 04 - a song that reminds you of someone
day 05 - a song that reminds you of somewhere
day 06 - a song that makes you fall asleep
day 07 - a song from your favourite band
day 08 - a song from your childhood
day 09 - a song that makes you laugh
day 10 - a song that you wish you could play


Starting with day 1

Favourite song: I have too many favourites! I'll give an english one and a korean one for this answer I suppose.

My favourite english song is Welcome to Savannah by Breathe Carolina and my favourite Korean song is Special by B2ST/BEAST : )

Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to Blogging

Because school started up again, I've left my blog unattended for a month and a half or so, just settling back into the ol' routine again. But, I'm happy to say that I can now get back into the blogging mojo : D

I will have my first circle lens review up shortly!

Friday, July 22, 2011

in the kitchen

I finally remembered why I hate cooking/baking, but still love it at the same time. The answer is simple.


Usually, I wait until I am hungry to make something, and I grow so impatient while I am cooking something, which is why I primarily stake to baking now, so at least I've eaten something to settle the rumbles in my stomach.

Last night was no different. We literally had nothing I wanted to eat, since I am trying to vow off eating buckets of grease. all our meat had been frozen, or was in the process of being made into something for another day, and we had fruit for smoothies as well as salad dressing.

But, one thing I do like is rice. Lots..and lots of rice. I'm not sure where I get it from, but I'm sure it has some influence from my dad's wife, my step-mom Lolita. So last night, while on my laptop at the kitchen table with my stomach growling away I was just sifting through possibilities of what to cook that will keep me filled. And, what other to make than stir fry?

It is healthy, so long as you don't drown the veggies in soy sauce, you can pt it with brown rice..and it makes for good photos. And photo opportunities are always nice! To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing while making this stir fry, but it turned out delicious.

Monday, July 18, 2011

haul of sorts over time + montreal (image heavy)

hello blog, it's been a while!

last time I stopped by was nine days ago roughly just before my departure to Montreal. Well, I am back and have access to WiFi again!

During my trip I had no access, except for my phone, but it crashed every few minutes. So, instead during the nights I stayed up to play on my Uncle's XBOX 360 and almost completed his Fallout 3 game! But, because I didn't, I never got to know the ending of the game, so of course, once I got back to Ontario I had to stop in at Futureshop to pick it up. But, I have to start all over now.

 I also purchased one of Etude House's BB Cream's after watching Martina's video on eatyourkimchi.com. Since we have the same skin tone, I thought 'Hey, may as well give it a shot!', because just like her, I'm not into makeup, well, foundation, and this BB Cream seemed like the perfect suitor to my face -- and from my trial use, it is amazing! I didn't look like I was wearing anything, no cakey-ness, and it smelt nice, haha

We went to many places on my trip, but mainly stuck around Old Montreal and Chinatown. Shopping wise, I spent majority of my money on food. Gelato, maple candies, baked goods from the Chinese pastry shops and candy.

I only spent ...less than thirty dollars not on food I believe and got myself a cute contact case with Rilakkuma on top, as well as a poster of SHINee. Not sure where to place it just yet! The lady who sold it to me had the sweetest daughter, and they spoke English. I was so happy. I wish to go back to their shop and buy up all the posters and cute things and stationary. ahhh~!!

along with those, I made small purchases here and their from the beginning of June that I never posted. I am horrible with my money, but, it's the way I stick out my horrible job's night shifts to continue doing them.

as soon as B2ST's first album came out I had purchased it, I absolutely love the mini photobook/lyrics they have inside! Even my mother thinks their CDs are better than ours over here! And, that is saying something.

I also had recieved my black version of that star sweater that is like the one Junhyung wore in the Beautiful music video :) I still wish I could have found the original, even though spending less than forty dollars got me a knock off version that is quite identical.Another KPOP purchase was my Junhyung triangle stud earrings from yesasia.com. You don't know how much I love this site. How much time they take to bubble wrap the tiniest, not likely to break item amazes me, and is why I continue to shop there. The package was huge, and inside, full of bubble wrap! It was amazing. Another thing: I need to quit purchasing books! I bought eight within two days, some from the thrift store, and a few from Chapters and have already read most of them.

That's about it for this entry, I don't want to bore those who may stumble across, so here are a few pictures from Montreal also :) sadly, none of Chinatown since it poured buckets while visiting.