Monday, July 18, 2011

haul of sorts over time + montreal (image heavy)

hello blog, it's been a while!

last time I stopped by was nine days ago roughly just before my departure to Montreal. Well, I am back and have access to WiFi again!

During my trip I had no access, except for my phone, but it crashed every few minutes. So, instead during the nights I stayed up to play on my Uncle's XBOX 360 and almost completed his Fallout 3 game! But, because I didn't, I never got to know the ending of the game, so of course, once I got back to Ontario I had to stop in at Futureshop to pick it up. But, I have to start all over now.

 I also purchased one of Etude House's BB Cream's after watching Martina's video on Since we have the same skin tone, I thought 'Hey, may as well give it a shot!', because just like her, I'm not into makeup, well, foundation, and this BB Cream seemed like the perfect suitor to my face -- and from my trial use, it is amazing! I didn't look like I was wearing anything, no cakey-ness, and it smelt nice, haha

We went to many places on my trip, but mainly stuck around Old Montreal and Chinatown. Shopping wise, I spent majority of my money on food. Gelato, maple candies, baked goods from the Chinese pastry shops and candy.

I only spent ...less than thirty dollars not on food I believe and got myself a cute contact case with Rilakkuma on top, as well as a poster of SHINee. Not sure where to place it just yet! The lady who sold it to me had the sweetest daughter, and they spoke English. I was so happy. I wish to go back to their shop and buy up all the posters and cute things and stationary. ahhh~!!

along with those, I made small purchases here and their from the beginning of June that I never posted. I am horrible with my money, but, it's the way I stick out my horrible job's night shifts to continue doing them.

as soon as B2ST's first album came out I had purchased it, I absolutely love the mini photobook/lyrics they have inside! Even my mother thinks their CDs are better than ours over here! And, that is saying something.

I also had recieved my black version of that star sweater that is like the one Junhyung wore in the Beautiful music video :) I still wish I could have found the original, even though spending less than forty dollars got me a knock off version that is quite identical.Another KPOP purchase was my Junhyung triangle stud earrings from You don't know how much I love this site. How much time they take to bubble wrap the tiniest, not likely to break item amazes me, and is why I continue to shop there. The package was huge, and inside, full of bubble wrap! It was amazing. Another thing: I need to quit purchasing books! I bought eight within two days, some from the thrift store, and a few from Chapters and have already read most of them.

That's about it for this entry, I don't want to bore those who may stumble across, so here are a few pictures from Montreal also :) sadly, none of Chinatown since it poured buckets while visiting.


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