Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Am The Best Contest + Montreal

Ahhh~ the contest is finally out for 2NE1's new song I Am The Best! Ever since I clicked the song, it has been on repeat constantly! 2NE1 is so refreshing!

As soon as the news for a contest came up about it and their first concert, I was keen on finding out what type. It turns out the contest is a dance cover contest where they select 21 winners to win various prizes. The top prize is flying to South Korea to see their concert. They provide accomodation and flight cost as well as the concert obviously. Other prizes include products from Addidas and autographed CDs and other goods the members themselves picked out!

I will be giving this contest a shot hopefully. I honestly don't know what I would do if I won though, aha. I would probably cry, even if it wasn't the top prize. 

After this upcoming week I am going to learn the rest of the dance that I haven't gotten down pat and then practice it hardcore then film. Ahh~

But, this week I cannot practice because tomorrow morning my mom and I are driving out to Montreal to go visit my uncle. I get to act as the tour guide, since she has never been there before!

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