Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer and DIY

There are so many things I want to do in the summer DIY wise, and I wonder how many I will get around to doing, aha.

Why I bring this up is because i found this cute little dress DIY on tumblr that someone got from Martha Stewart's website.

It's made from one of those long skirts with the elastic waist band. You know, the hippy esque skirts. 

I will have to go hunting for skirts at the thrift store soon. I go almost every week now, this past friday I even bid on a Minolta film camera with its two lenses at the thrift store through a silent auction. I was the first bidder too, hopefully no one else bids, I'd really love that camera, even if it doesn't work, it would make a cute decoration!

On another note, summer officially starts for me after this upcoming wednesday, after 2PM(Hottest time of day anyone? ;D /chair'd for kpop reference) which is when my exams finish.

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