Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update and New York photos

I am a horrible, horrible person! I go on the computer for quite some time, I even check on blogger, but I never post. Urgh. I mean, I have stuff to post, but by the time I remember, I'm already away from the computer.

But, I have also been stressing over school the past while. Really stressing. Less than two weeks of school before exams and I have one major project that needs to be presented next week, and lucky me, I am the fourth person to present! But, it is a fun  project that I am excited for, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Secondly, I have a huge purchase I made (and I am now utterly broke beyond belief..goodbye money), as well as finally receiving my remaining parcels in the mail, I will post a little haul in a few days, if not tomorrow.

Thirdly! I have made new friends, haha. Pen pals to be more specific. I forgot the joy in having someone over seas to talk with through e-mail or good ol'fashion snail mail. The giddy feeling you get when you get a letter in the mail or a +1 message in your inbox.

Lastly before the photos, I am so happy to have met another fellow kpop loving girl my age just 20 minutes form my town. I met her indirectly from a friend at school..via facebook stalking her, haha. Sent her a message and bam, insta-friendship! I will try to go volunteer in the city with her at the museum so we can actually, legit talk in real life, instead of through facebook messaging :)

onward to the photos!


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