Thursday, April 7, 2011

Testing new camera!

Argh, I so meant to write this sooner, well, post up my unboxing of my camera and such first, but there are reasons why that isn't up. The number one reason being that I misplaced my USB cord for my Fujifilm, but then found it again (it was where it should be..durh. I felt like an idiot) and the other reason being..well, I got to excited!

So, like I said in my last post, the first weekend in April was the date that I would be getting my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D5000. Well, that back fired. When my grandma and I went to Future Shop (my dad had accidentally made plans with the neighbors, so he sent me with his mum to go get the camera instead, haha.) and I had asked a sales representative if they had the D5000, turns out they no longer sell it! I was devastated, since that was the camera I played with just before Christmas in store. But, turns out, I actually enjoy the D3100 more! So far, image quality has been so impressive, even using the flash doesn't make it look to morphed or wonky, unlike my Fujifilm. I am still a noob at using this baby, so I either use Auto mode, macro or no flash. I hope to learn how to use it manually, and not just rely purely on Auto. While auto photos are awesome, I wish to take even better ones on manual mode!

So, here are just a few shots around the house, mainly dogs, haha. I wanted to take photos of outside..but it looks gross out, today was the first warm and sunny day coming out of a cold winter so I am waiting for green to show.

My uncle's dog, Dakota

Pad Thai. It was too sweet for a savory food

One of my dogs, Lola.

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