Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nikon D3100 Unboxing/Review?

So I am finally posting this up now, aha. It's been what? two weeks now since I've had my camera? Urgh. I'm horrible I know. BUT, IT'S? HERE NOW. At least I am still posting it..+1 star for commitment...none for being on time OTL;;

I am not sure how this font will look on my blog, since I am at school posting this during my spare. And it doesn't show all the font sizes, types, etc. Blah, why do you hate me school?

Anways! I had to send these pictures from my phone to facebook, then from facebook to photoshop where I print screened everything, since I didn't bring my fujifilm to school..but have the cord.

So, here is my unboxing. I apologize for the cheap black berry pictures you are about to see.

So, here we have the  box as a whole, within this box was another two boxes, and within the one box was another with all the parts. It was like I was unboxing inception, haha. You can see the body of the camera on this box, so you can see I got the D3100.

And here are the boxes inside the box. One contained the lens, the other the camera body itself. Nicely packed inside might I say, it was annoying to have to take out the bubble wrap and foam surrounding each, but hey, no broken/missing pieces or dents, scratches or minor 'blemishes'. Makes for one happy customer!

Next we have the packaging, er, bubble wrap and manuals. For us Canadians we get both the French and English manual, and I found it funny how the French one was slightly thicker than the English. 

and last picture for this post, since I don't want to have a ton just stretching the page. This is the actual camera body itself, I almost dropped it too which is sad. Even though it is lighter in weight than it seems, I still managed to fumble. Also, when I was trying to remove the lens, I didn't notice the button on the right side which releases it, making you able to twist it off. So, I actually panicked, thinking 'oh no, my dots aren't aligned, I put it on wrong. It'll be stuck forever'. Let's just say I felt embarrassed afterward!

what I do enjoy so much about this camera is the auto mode. Because I have no clue how to use a DSLR (still have to read the manual and stuff) it is the handiest thing in the world, even though it gives you flash most of the time. I usually keep mine set on the no flash option to prevent it from popping up. another handy feature is the on screen guide. If you just switch the option to the GUIDE button, it is the manual simplified on the camera. So awesome! It means if you get stuck, you don't need to lug around the paper booklet.

so far, the only disappointment/confusion I've had with it is the lens zoom, as well as the lack of a USB cable inside. now, I know there are other lenses available for this, but one that zooms more would have been nice, haha. As for the no USB cable, the problem was fixed quickly, since I just used the cord for my bamboo tablet. I was surprised it actually fit! I still haven't fiddled with the video options yet, so I'll have to do that soon. Maybe upload it to youtube. LOL /notatall. 

As for my overall..biased opinion, 4.5/5 for a beginners DSLR is what I would rate it. It is just amazing for an idiot like myself who doesn't know the first thing about them, other than use the lens to zoom and the button to shoot :)

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