Monday, May 16, 2011

Online Shopping

I seriously need to cut back so I can purchase an xbox. Joking, though the Kinect looks so fun still.
In the mail I am waiting to receive two long sleeve black and white star shirts from eBay, a pair of pink Mix-Style headphones to go with my lonely white pair, a pair of black triangular stud earrings for every day wear..and my favorite purchase being the new B2ST/BEAST album that was just released today. It's amazing how one disc containing ten songs can make someone that much happier. Because that is exactly how I feel today.

This isn't much of a blog entry, and I apologize, I'll have to wait until I have something to show for, haha.  Let's just hope those shirts arrive soon!

I promised a NY post, which will probably come this weekend, or Thursday since I have a lot to do this week. But, at least school is almost over and done with for this year.

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